Singapore’s port and harbour is one of the busiest in the world and Tian San Shipping has been an active part of the shipping industry in Singapore for over 40 years. We offer interested candidates an opportunity to be a part of the system that makes the Singapore port one of the best in the world.

Working at Tian San Shipping is being part of a Singapore tradition. We are a close knit company where managers and supervisors are actively involved in training and career progression of our crew. Tian San Shipping offers interested candidates a range of careers in the Singapore harbour industry, both sea-based and shore-based.

Our sea-based positions are our frontline and we require candidates that are responsible, independent and are able to solve problems on their own. Most importantly, they must enjoy the outdoors and interacting with new people.

Our shore-based positions are supervisory and technical. If you have experience in the maritime industry and wish to explore more managerial options or a career that is more harbour based, Tian San Shipping is the place for you. We also offer more technical positions for candidates who enjoy learning about how things work and finding solutions/improvements to day-to-day problems.

Outstanding candidates will be earmarked for additional training, upgrading opportunities and career advancement into supervisory or managerial roles.